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Bad Ritual Art

Bad Ritual is a Canadian digital artist specializing in custom art for fantasy characters and NSFW. They have attended ACAD working towards a Bachelors for character design and illustration. They are currently working out of their home studio on Vancouver Island.

Clients include - 1Up Casino / Catnip Studios / Dragon's Eye Productions

Hi there!

Thanks for taking a look at my site and considering my artwork! You can find some basic information here about what I do, and information about commissioning me. If you are looking for additional information or have more specific requests, please get in touch with me and I'd love to discuss.Discord is my main form of communication, and it is easiest to reach me there. Send me a direct message at Bad Ritual. I am super friendly and welcoming to you messaging me about and commissions, please don't be shy about contacting me! I don't have any contact/commission form, so please just send me a message or email.Please also join my Discord Art Server.If you don't use discord, you can always send a good old fashioned email at use Trello to keep track of my que, and in progress commissions. If you want to see the status of your commission or what my wait times are like, check out this link.I've just recently set myself up with a Bluesky account where you can follow me.Every now and then I stream my artwork. Follow me on Picarto for some cool livestream adventures.

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Commissioning Bad Ritual

Pricing Guidelines

Before you look further please read through my Terms of Service. If you're looking for examples of the styles I offer, take a look at the gallery.


80 USD+

This is the best that I can do, and the most I have to offer. This is something I'll spend full days working on to ensure you get a polished and refined painting. Full colour! I'm not very good at backgrounds though, so they'll never be very complex. Maybe one day! But not today.

Additional Character+70%

Additional Character+70%


40 USD+

A quick painting over a loose sketch. This is a fast and sweet painting that is loose and painterly. A great choice if you're looking for concept art.

Flat Colour+50%
Cell Shading+50%
Additional Character+70%


35 USD+

Lineart is a far more refined type of sketch with nice clean lines. It pairs fantastically with colour.


25 USD+

A sketch is a quick, loose rendering of a character. This resembles a pencil sketch on paper.

Flat Colour+50%
Cell Shading+50%
Additional Character+70%

Pixel Portrait40
Scrolling Pixel Portrait60
Pixel Desctag20
Simple Item35
Complex Item50
Front/Back Ref sheet120


20 USD+

Assorted other types of commissions that don't fit into my main styles.

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Terms of Service

By commissioning me (Bad Ritual), you must agree to these terms of service. These have been created with the interest of protecting both the artist, and you as the commissioner.


I will not draw:
Underage subjects depicted in a sexual manner.
Heavy backgrounds/environments. Machinery/Architecture.
I charge extra for:
Additional characters (+70%)
Complex designs/characters, Backgrounds, Quicker completion dates.

The Terms

> By purchasing a digital commission, you understand that you are purchasing a service as well as a completed digital image. There are no physical items you will receive.> The artist reserves the right to cancel and refund a commission at any time.> The artist retains the copyright to the commissioned artwork.> The commissioner retains the right to the intellectual property depicted in commissioned artwork if they are legally able to hold it.> Commissioned art may be posted on the artist’s social media and online portfolios.> Unless otherwise discussed, the artist will not use a commissioner’s intellectual property to resell, or for commercial use.> If the commissioned artwork is uploaded to any website by the commissioner, it must be credited to the artist "Bad Ritual".> The commissioned artwork may not be used for commercial purposes. It is intended for personal use only unless otherwise discussed.> A reasonable number of small edits are included with the price of your commission. These will only include aspects that the artist forgot about, overlooked, or got incorrectly in regards to your commission. Any other changes and edits will be charged.> The commissioned artwork may not be altered in any way, save for resizing, cropping or arranging as a whole image to fit the medium it is intended for.> Payments $50 and under must be paid in full before any work is started.> Full refunds may only be issued if the client notifies the artist prior to the artwork being started. Partial refunds will be issued if the artwork is still a work in progress. No refund will be offered if the work has been completed.> The artist has the right to pursue damages under Canadian Copyright Law, should there exist a violation in addition to a breach of these Terms of Service.Last updated on Dec 30, 2022

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